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About Us

Boston Prime is a Prime Brokerage (PB).

What is a Prime Brokerage? A Prime Broker is an entity that is willing to represent the brokerage in all its trading transactions and settle the trades in your name. This usually requires a security deposit and can be automatic or manual. Examples: Barclays, JP Morgan, etc.
Who can become a Boston Prime customer? Any person or institution that qualifies as either an Eligible Counterparty or a Professional Client is a potential Boston Prime customer.
Who are our Liquidity Providers (LPs) ? They are large institutions and ECNs like Citi Bank, Deutsche Bank, Nomura, Currenex…
What are the Boston Prime spreads? Here are our typical spreads. Please feel free to ask for a demo account by emailing [email protected]




What leverage does Boston Prime offer? Our maximum leverage is 100:1 We can offer more but we reserve the right to offer less during highly volatile conditions.
Does Boston Prime offer CFDs? Yes, we offer a dozen CFDs.
What tools does Boston Prime have to offer to your customers? Our Customers have access to our custom back office that allows them to see all their financial information in real time.
What are your minimum requirements to open an account ? Our minimum required deposit is $50,000.
What is your minimum trade size? Our minimum trade size is 1000 currency units.