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Back Office

The Back Office system is designed to accommodate effective management of MT4 brokerage including customized online reporting, accounts analysis, system monitoring services and trade statistics. Back Office system is fully integrated with MT4 platform, your Liquidity Bridge and pulls all customer and trade information in a central database in real time. All data gathered is allowed to access via the web browser for reporting, processing and searching. All new pages and functionalities can be added in at most a few days. The back office is managing about 10,000,000 transactions a month at this time.

System currently entails the following features:


The back office allows you to configure MT4, bridges, and other systems:

  • Brokers
  • Broker Details
  • Bridges
  • MT4 Servers
  • Bridge to LP Mapping
  • Deposit account to LP Mapping
  • Markups


The support section allows the back office to segment information and make it readily available for the support team for analysis, audits, research and other needs.

  • Bridge Performance Log Parser
  • Bridge Trade UID Log Parser
  • MT4 Log Parser

Reports and Stats

This section allows one to see reports and statistics

  • System Status Log
  • Account Mapping Problems
  • Bridges a Broker has Used
  • Floating PL per User
  • Out-Trades Broker Symbol, Group, Managers and Securities Count


In this section you can create custom alerts for hardware failure, accounting alerts, margin calls, stop outs and other customizable alert.

  • Nagios
  • Profit Alert


In this section you can create custom accounting functions per broker, per trader, per symbol or what ever is needed for a custom time period.

  • Current Equity per Broker
  • Historical Equity per Broker
  • Broker Deposits and Withdrawls
  • Realized PL per Month per Broker
  • Broker Volume Per Symbol
  • Floating Position Summary and Exposure

Content management

In this section administrators can create more content for the back office website and manage access rights.

  • My account
  • Create content
  • Forums