• FIX API Demo Account

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Custom-tailored, unique liquidity streams created for institutional FX players looking to diversify their FX liquidity, perform high frequency professional trading, deepen their liquidity pool and gain access to tightest spreads in the market. Accessible via direct (FIX API 4.4)  and multiple indirect liquidity channels(Currenex, Integral, HotSpot, First Derivatives, 360T, EBS Direct), on margin or credit.

Features all major and minor currency pairsspot metalsCFDs via FIX API, 100:1 leverage, optional cross-connect in NY4 Equinix datacenter, Java Reporting API for integration with third party backoffice applications, broker portal application with real time price stream, real time exposure monitoring, coverage account, comprehensive accounting reports and statements.

Note: Although demo accounts attempt to replicate real markets, they operate in a simulated market environment and are not meant to be used for live trading. The differences that distinguish them from real accounts are lack of dependence on real-time market liquidity and the performance of some support tools which may result in atypically, expedited transactions; lack of rejected orders; and/or the absence of slippage.

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