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Our Liquidity

How is our liquidity different?

When you are a broker you have 3 liquidity problems:
  1. When you are small you have no negotiation power.  Therefore you will be given very bad trading conditions. When you have bad trading conditions you can’t offer a good product to your customers and if you can’t offer a good product you will not be able to grow.
  2. Traditional liquidity providers will not take your account if you have no history and no clients because they have high costs and the income they will make from you will not be worth it.
  3. The quality of the trade execution will greatly vary.
Boston Prime has developed 3 solutions to these problems:
  1. We have completely automated our back office which allows us to provide you with prime brokerage services for a fraction of the cost that it typically takes. We therefore can take any customer, no matter how small.
  2. We have many customers and we have pre-negotiated with liquidity providers prices that we can provide to all our customers. So you can offer great trading conditions to your customers even if you are small.
  3. We keep adding liquidity providers and are improving the technology all the time.